C&D Properties and their experienced lettings team offer a range of letting and management services.  As members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO), DPS, and Zoopla, clients of C&D Properties can rest assured that we have a detailed understanding of the lettings and management sector ensuring that you will receive the best possible service.

Landlord Considerations

The rental market as with any other sector has become increasingly competitive therefore, in order to obtain the best possible tenants; we highly recommend that you present your property in the most effective way.

  • Interior walls should be neutral colours and carpets plain
  • Fabrics and Furnishings (if any) should be able to withstand reasonable wear and tear and be of suitable quality
  • Animals and their odours should be eliminated
  • The front door should be clean and the Entrance Hall clear of any obstructions as first impressions and kerb appeal are of the utmost importance.
  • The property should be clean and well-aired and the garden / external areas tidy.

Other obligations

  •  Written consent to allow letting must be obtained from your Mortgage Provider/Freeholder (if property is leasehold).
  • Your Insurance Company must be notified that the property is to be rented out and you should arrange appropriate insurance for a tenanted property. There are specialist insurance companies who provide this, and we are happy to provide recommendations.
  • The Inland Revenue must also be informed within 6 months of letting your property, flat or apartment in the UK and failure to do so will incur penalties, interest and other consequences. The Inland Revenue are apt to deal harshly with Landlords who do not declare rental income and it is always best to seek advice on tax planning and Capital Gains Tax from a fully qualified Accountant.

Further recommendations

  •  All personal mail should be redirected with the Post Office to your office or place of full-time residence.
  • Additional copies of keys should be arranged, at least two if you have Managing Agents acting for you.
  • Utilities such as gas/electricity/water/telephone & Council Tax will have to be transferred to the successful Tenant.
  • An Inventory and Check In should be drawn up. This is an important legal document which forms an integral part of the Tenancy Agreement and, as such, it is a false economy to prepare your own in most cases.

It is important to note that an Inventory is required whether the property to let is furnished or unfurnished and accurate descriptions of the overall condition of wall/floor coverings, kitchen and bathroom fittings etc are essential.  This is imperative as amounts cannot be withheld from the Tenant’s deposit unless the loss or damage is proved to have been caused by the Tenant.

In the event that any dispute concerning loss or damage to your property is not amicably resolved then the matter will be referred to the Courts and arbitration but should be noted that any judgement will be on the basis of written documentation specifically the Inventory.


Landlord Licensing

Any private landlord currently letting out a property in Liverpool must have a valid Landlord Licence.  It is both our duty as an agent and the duty of the landlord to ensure this is valid at all times.
Within Liverpool, this licensing scheme has been in place since 2015 and whilst briefly paused, all properties within certain postcodes require 5 year licences.
For the latest on this and confirmation as to whether you need to have a licence please contact C&D Properties or refer to the below link to the Liverpool City Council's information on the subject.

Landlord Licensing Liverpool City Council

If you have any questions please get in touch with our experienced team either by phone on 0151 236 6611 or by email to