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Are there any applications in already?

As demand for rental properties continues to increase…are there any applications in already…are the words we hear most often from prospective tenants when showing them around a property. They have seen something they like-so why wait? But what if somebody got there before them? Competition is a good sign for landlords but what happens when two (or even more) tenants apply for a property at the same time. 

Although it may seem like a good problem for any landlord to have it also presents a conundrum for many. Luckily working with a reputable letting agent such as C & D Properties means that we can deal with the issue on your behalf and make sure that you don’t have to revert to drawing straws or rolling dice.

It is illegal to discriminate against a person on the grounds of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, so it is essential to follow a transparent process but first isn’t necessarily best, and the wrong decision can prove to be very costly.

In these situations, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that we make a fair and decision that protects you and your property as much as possible.

Firstly, rental history, references, credit checks and financial security are the predominant factors and we adopt a forensic approach that would put Poirot to shame. An available moving in date is the next clear issue on the list and can be the deciding factor if time is of the essence.

Finally, even though C&D Properties is leading the industry with digital technologies and communications, nothing can replace face-to-face meetings. We always meet all prospective tenants to find out their current situation and why they are moving. This helps to underpin our research and find a tenant who pays on time, cares for your property and remains in the rental for a long time.

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Posted by
Alice Rimmer
on 7th December 2016