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Boo! Why are we so scared of bold colours?

With Halloween just around the corner and the recent clown craze fresh in our memory, there’s enough reasons to be spooked at the moment. But when it comes to letting and selling a property, we have all now become well accustomed to painting properties a magnolia colour to attract the widest interest and attention. So why are we, and why should we be scared of bolder colours?

So, when all it is, is a variety of cream shades, how has magnolia become the mainstay chameleon colour for developers, and the top seller in DIY shops everywhere? Most of us would agree with the theories behind the psychology on the colour and the feelings that it is said to bring about. Space, a feeling of cleanliness, calm and light are among some of the main benefits along with the fact that it can introduce some warmth, where white can feel cold and harsh.

Blue and black or white and gold, we all remember the viral dress meme from February 2015 that divided the nation and beyond. However, it raised the key issue of perception, and in the land of property, one person’s ‘dream feature wall’ can be nothing short of a repellent for the next person so if you are buying or letting out, here is not the time to impose your tastes on others. Our friend magnolia allows prospective tenants and buyers to be able to enter a property and easily visualise how they will personalise the space and ultimately make it their home. It sounds cliché, but it does offer a blank canvas, and with more than 95% of property searches beginning online, you do not want to put prospects off at first sight.

When it comes to discolouration, magnolia also holds its own against white, but can still have a relatively short life span. Tenants don’t and won’t care about the property as much as you, so walls can quickly become scuffed and marked with greasy finger marks. However, (and I am speaking from direct experience), anybody who has patched up wallpaper or painted walls following the departure of a tenant or previous owner with a penchant for black silk and pillar box red, will fully appreciate that it is much cheaper and easier to repaint magnolia walls more often with one quick and easy coat. It’s low maintenance all the way.

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Posted by
Nicole Lea
on 28th October 2016