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Do only fools rush in?

Are you off out this weekend? If so approximately how long will it take you to decide what to wear? According to research, us Brits ponder for 17 hours on what to wear for a night out, yet one in ten make a snap decision to buy a property in under two minutes.

Choosing a house can be daunting, but our experience has shown that many people base their decisions on intuition. During property viewings, we witness many people either mentally moving into the home or dismissing it out of hand. So, with such a lot at stake, should such an important decision be so speedy or is there a risk of snoozing and losing? Of course, to an extent it depends on the state of the market and the individual property but there is nothing like the unsettling feeling that you may either miss out on something, combined with fear of rushing in. Usually, this is precisely where that good old saying about fools inevitably rushes into your head.

So with all this swirling around your head, how do you make a sensible and well-thought out decision? From the neighbourhood and location, to the house itself and of course the cost, there are many factors that come into play.

First up, is the style and quality of the property. Here, it is useful to decide if you are willing to consider old or new properties, or perhaps both. Some older houses can cost more in terms of maintenance and heating bills but offer benefits in the amount of character and space. It is useful at this point to consider the practical considerations amount of decorating or improvement you are capable of making. That being the case, it is always a good idea to have a second viewing and come prepared to look in more detail at décor, room sizes and any obvious structural problems before consulting with a professional surveyor

For some people, the location will be the deciding factor. From schools to the neighbourhood to nearby amenities, if you have your heart set upon an area, it may mean that you need to alter your choices. A recent survey of 1,990 home movers in 2015, found that over two-thirds of homebuyers had made some kind of compromise when choosing their property - and yet 89% were satisfied with those compromises.

And last but not least; from a financial point of view, affordability is the key. From the deposit to any repairs that may be required, we always recommend that you consult with an independent mortgage adviser to fully understand your finances and help you shop around for the best deal.

Although, we may not be the best people to help you choose your outfit for this Saturday night, if you are looking for help on buying a home, look no further than C&D Properties. Contact us here for more information. 

Posted by
Alice Rimmer
on 20th April 2016