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The Apprentice- You're hired!

Good for me.

Good for my business.

Good for you as well actually!

Recently, we decided that another member of staff was needed at the throbbing epicentre of that is the C&D Properties HQ. Somebody to take on the seemingly endless amounts of admin and telephone calls involved with letting property, manage our online presence, and also to make sure that the boss gets his regular supply of tea, coffee and Hob Nobs.

I was going to recruit through the usual channels - the local press, Job Centre, dragging complete strangers in off the street etc when an e mail dropped into my inbox that caught my eye. It was from The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce; a membership-based business support agency.

The email title posed a quick question, “Do you need an apprentice?” I'll be honest; my first reaction was to reach for the delete button and move on to the next email - which, by the way, was from somebody in Latvia, who was clearly under the impression that I suffer from erectile dysfunction (Don't worry readers, all is well!).

But something stopped me; I didn't delete it. I opened it.

The apprentice email.

Not the other one.

I deleted that.


I was pleasantly surprised by what the Chamber of Commerce were offering, and the calibre of young candidates looked very good. I decided that maybe an apprentice could be just what we needed after all, it would give us the chance to teach a new recruit how to do things the right way, the C&D Properties way, before they pick up any bad habits elsewhere. And doesn’t everybody need someone to give them a bit of a start in life? Somebody who will take a chance on them?

I know I got one, and you probably did too.

I contacted Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and told them we were on-board.

I like this next bit. This is the bit where I turn into Alan Sugar.

But, I must add, without the neatly trimmed beard and rampant megalomania.

Interviews were set up with the young would-be letting agents for later that week and three smartly dressed hopefuls all arrived promptly for their interviews. We all know how daunting interviews can be, but do you know what? Despite some very obvious nervousness and lots of sweaty palms....... I thought I did really well!

But, what about the candidates you ask? They did even better.

Three very smart, articulate and ambitious youngsters came along and knocked my socks off with their enthusiasm and desire to get a job and do well. They had obviously done their homework on C&D Properties, and all of them knew exactly what I was looking for. Choosing one of them wasn't going to be easy. Lord Sugar would probably have set them all a task at this point, maybe to produce their own unique flavour of ice cream to sell at lunchtime to office workers, a crackpot concoction like avocado & liquorice or Sugar Puffs & Vimto may have gone down really well on Tithebarn Street.

Actually, that last one sounds quite nice…*

But I didn't do that. Instead, I just chose Jessica, and what a good choice I made.

This young lady has come on board and taken to the job like a duck to water, and if she continues to improve at the rate she is currently, then I'll be kicking back on a beach sipping cocktails in Barbados in the not too distant future while she runs the whole show for me.

Everybody at C&D Properties describes her as a “real find” and while it is still very early days (don't let all this praise go to your head Jessica); we really do have high hopes that she will be with us for a long time to come.

So as you can see, I did a good thing.

For me, for the business, for Jessica and yes, for you too!

Another young person in employment, contributing to society and delighted to be working.

Well done to Liverpool Chamber of Commerce for implementing such a fantastic scheme.

Well done C&D Properties for getting involved and reaping the benefits of doing so.

But most of all. Well done Jessica - you’re a real find.

Now I think your lovely boss deserves a nice cup of coffee!

*Note to self - ring Alan Sugar to discuss amazing new ice cream.

Posted by
Ian Murray
on 12th February 2016