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Opening doors to the future!

This month, marked the launch of our brand-new website, a resource that is set to offer a more responsive resource for all of our clients. With an intuitive and quick search, the site is another step in our ongoing journey of improvement - to allow easy access to a wealth of information for those buying, renting, selling or letting out properties and showcase the best that we, and the city have to offer.

Alongside our ongoing investment in technology, we also continue to be passionate about maintaining good old-fashioned customer values. If you are buying, renting, selling or letting your property with us, C&D offers a number of ways to access and market properties. Along with new and improved digital channels, traditional methods, including open-house events continue to offer a successful way to access wider audiences.

Don’t worry, we understand; you may shudder at the idea of throwing your doors open to the neighbours, but open-house events are increasingly becoming a way to expose a property to a crowd of potential buyers at the same time.

Let's be honest with ourselves and each other; the steady stream of visitors can be one of the main headaches when selling a property with the constant need to clean, tidy and de-clutter. Hands up who has had to frantically stuff mess under the stairs on hearing the doorbell after forgetting a viewing appointment?

Working with you at every step of the way, a date is set. Direct mail shots land on doormats soon after, along with social media posts to advertise and invite people to the event. From curious window shoppers to hundreds of prospects on our database who are waiting for the perfect home or investment, the invites always draw a great deal of interest. Fast-forward to the day and bright flags are also placed outside to grab the attention of drive-by-traffic and passers-by to bring more people in.

And for buyers, it may be true that there is a definite place in the digital-age of home-buying for photographs, videos, 360 degree tours and interactive floor plans direct to your mobile phone, but nothing can quite replace visiting a home that smells of freshly brewed coffee for getting a true feel for the place.

Posted by
Daragh McDonald
on 8th December 2015